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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

My aching wallet!

Well, the boy is signed up. He is officially a freshman at Utah State University in Logan, Utah. He has a dorm room, a Chinese room mate, and he is signed up for 4 classes. He's on the unlimited meals plan in the cafeterias.

All of the money I borrowed from the credit union is spent. All of it, plus a few more dollars and there are still books to buy tomorrow. Now this freshman kickoff is digging into my wallet! But its done and he starts next Monday.

The boy has this term to find his way into the Financial Aid office and get busy applying for every opportunity for finanial assistance for the next semester. I'll probably have to pony up the tuition and after that I can apply to get reimbursed from the family fund that has been set up to pay for this exact cause. He will just have to find the funds to pay his room & board and living expenses from here on out.

Sailor Curt really hit the nail on the head in these comments regarding the dynamics going on in the household. Everything he advises is true and I am completely aware of the circumstances that he describes. The spouse knows it too but right now, this time, she has aquiesed and enabled the boy's entrance into college, supported by us, instead of on his own efforts.

And I gave in, this time, because I decided it would be a way-ahead and break the stalemate that we have been in for a couple weeks. So, the boy goes to school!

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